Thinking of Selling in the Fall?

Getting a house ready to sell can take several weeksof preparation.

Organizing and staging can be a daunting task for some.

For a FALL selling timeframe, NOW is the time to be consulting with your Realtor to begin the work!

Reach out to me for your first consult, let's get your home ready to sell! 902-219-0316 or dm me on social. 


What does

In Nova Scotia, when we refer to the "Firm Date", we are referring to the date when all of the Buyers Conditions have been satisfied, they have signed their Buyer Waiver and now officially committed to completing the purchase of the property.

This is the day when we hang the SOLD sign on the property.

Barring any issues with title, the sale will close on the date set out in the contract.


Primary Bedroom and Primary Bathroom are here to stay

Words Matter!

"Master bedroom" has been used since the 1920s when it was featured in a Sears home catalog. The word is intended for the master of the house or the owner of the home.Realtor groups are collectively moving away from the term "master", which can be perceived as racist and/or sexist,and now refer to the largest bedroom and bathroom as the“Primary”.I am always open to learning and improving. Using updated words and terms promotes inclusion and shows respect for all. Realtors use the word primary instead of master when referring to the largest bedroom/bathroom in a home. It’s simple. #wordsmatter #termtuesday #elevate #continuousimprovement #inclusive #realestateterms